Private Autopsy


  1. Next of kin must fill out and sign “Authorization for Autopsy” and “Next of Kin Verification” Forms. These forms must be witnessed.

  2. A cashier’s check must accompany the body. It is to be paid to “University Medical Associates”. To pay by credit card, please contact the departmental business office at (843) 792-2872.

  3. Send any available medical records with the body if you request physician review of these records (see Fee Schedule).

  4. Include your phone number, fax number, and mailing address.

  5. If a copy of the final report is to be sent to anyone other than the next of kin, the next of kin must complete a “Release of Information” form.


The following forms are available. Click on the form name to download the appropriate forms. Adobe Acrobat (or other PDF viewer) is required to view the forms.

  1. Private Autopsy Instructions (PDF)

  2. Authorization for Autopsy (PDF)

  3. Next of Kin Verification (PDF)

  4. Information Requested Prior to Performing Autopsy (PDF)

  5. Release of Information (PDF)

  6. Price List (PDF)

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